Monday, December 5, 2016

White on White and a Bit of Blue

Well this was an interesting weekend. Hubby had a birthday on Saturday so his day started out with me singing happy birthday to him but the word birthday has about 30 syllables to it when I say it…..or sing it….when the brain disorders kick in, which they did. He was doubled over laughing as I was singing it….and besides butchering that word, I cannot carry a tune at all so double hysterical. Then when he sat down for breakfast I had lit a candle and put it in his toast and made him make a wish and blow it out. He had cupcakes the day before so he didn’t really want a cake too. He just shook his head and says, “I never know what you are going to do next!”  What I did next was to take him out for Chinese food for lunch at his favourite restaurant. He says he had a great day so that was good. His birthday should have been on Sunday when my speech was super bad and I kept repeating the same word about 8 or 9 times before I could move on to the next word……and it would have been even funnier….but it would have taken a long time to get through the entire birthday song! The speech is back to normal today. Yes, it is odd living with these brain disorders but it could be worse so no complaining from me.

Another hour long walk today and I started out wishing I had put on a heavier coat but once we got into the survey I was glad I hadn’t. It just depends on whether you are in or out of some wind break it seems. Not a snowflake in sight so far! We seldom get a white Christmas here so it’s not something we count on. The tree goes up tomorrow. I was too busy trying to get the hockey quilt completed to do it yet……got it ready to go on the long-arm to be quilted on Wednesday…whew!

Today’s card was made with one of my favourite dies  that I bought this year.


The ornament is from a Stampin’ Up die. It was first die cut from silver glitter cardstock and then glued onto the blue glitter cardstock. The background paper was in my stash. It was perfect for this card except not quite wide enough which was easily fixed by adding two strips of the same blue glitter cardstock on each side of it. The light from the camera changed the colour at the top left side but it is all dark blue.

I actually meant to hang the ornament higher up but goofed and laid it down and because I had double sided tape on the back, once it was down, it wasn’t coming up. It is hung by some silver peel-off strips. It was my intention to have the branches go sideways but that didn’t work out with the ornament so far down. So, I had them hanging down too and I really liked it. The white branches were die cut from a Tim Holtz die. Well with the branches hanging down the top was a little blah…….. and with the ornament so low there was no room for a sentiment. Darn….back to the drawing board. The solution……Add a bow……the bow was tied and added to the top and I left long ends where I added the peel-off sentiment. That worked and I liked it!

That’s all for a cold Monday, December 5, 2016

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