Friday, December 2, 2016

Simple Christmas Card

Another week is coming to an end and it has been another busy one. The top of the huge queen size hockey quilt that I’m working on for my 12 year old grandson is almost completed. I’m just working on putting the hockey player in the middle of it. My best friend came over for a visit last night and we were having a private show and share time and when she saw the queen size quilt she immediately said, “You better bring that over to my house and either you quilt it on the long-arm or I’ll do it for you!” Bless her heart. I told her I wasn’t even going to ask her to quilt it as I figured she was busy doing her own. No, she insisted I bring it over. I need to get that hockey player on and embroidered before Wednesday!.....but I needed a coffee break!

Today’s card is one we made at our quilt guild Christmas party. One of our members sells Stampin’ Up products and she actually had us make two cards. Wow, was she organized! There were about 75 people there. For the first card she had the front of the card base embossed and everything die cut so all we had to do was assemble it. It is a simple but very nice card. If you are the type of crafter that makes the same card for everyone, this one would be easy to do.


All the products are from Stampin’ Up but you could do the same with products you already own.  No real explanation needed for this card. Next week I’ll post the second card she had us make. Remember, these are quilters she is teaching card making too and let me tell you, the ladies at my table needed help even making this card. It was all so new to them but they were thrilled that they were able to make it.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone. That’s all for a cool and damp Friday, December 2, 2016



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jinxxxygirl said...

Oh i'm so glad your friend came thru for you! Love the card. When i do make Christmas cards... one of these years ... I will no doubt make them all the same... Just pick a design for the year... We are turning cool tomorrow with a good chance of rain.. fingers crossed.. need it.. Hugs! deb

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