Monday, January 30, 2017

A Sympathy Card Needed

We got some very bad news over the weekend. My cousin (2nd cousin actually but only a year younger than me so we just call ourselves cousins); anyway, her son-in-law died over the weekend leaving behind a very sad wife and 2 young children, a girl 12 and a boy 8. Darryl had been battling cancer for about 4 years but just couldn’t beat it. He was a high school principle and much loved by everyone. A couple years ago he went school at Halloween dressed as Winnie-the-Pooh. A fun guy, full of bad jokes, but respected by peers and the students. He loved Halloween and Christmas and his wife used to joke that he had so many lights on the house at Christmas time that it looked like the house from the Griswold’s in the movie. In fact, the entire town where he lived restrung their Christmas lights yesterday in memory of him and there are so many people coming to the funeral they are having it at the school. He will be missed.

So, seeing I was feeling a bit down and needed some sympathy cards I made several over the weekend. Here is one of them.


This card came together strictly by accident. I never sketch out my cards at any time but this one was truly an accident. The tag was made several weeks ago when I was just playing around dipping paper into wet Distress inks. I liked this tag but never got around to using it…or putting it away because it was still sitting on my desk. When I was having the brain disorder attacks so bad a couple of weeks ago I sorted out my scraps and put the ones that matched together in small bags. I had just made another card with blue paper and the package this paper was in slipped out and landed by the tag…and looked great together. So I tapped the two pieces of paper together and added a ribbon along the seam. So happy that I also had ribbon in the stash that matched! I tied the bow and added it too. I had no idea what image to put on the tag but as I was clearing up the desk I found this one. I’m not sure if it came from another card or from a package but it seemed to fit perfectly so on it went. The sentiment was stamped and embossed in white on a Stampin’ Up oval stitched die.

I really liked how this card turned out. However, after having to rummage around on my desk that was never completely cleared off from my sorting week I decided it needed a major clean up so I did that last night. It looks so much better now.

Don’t forget you are more than welcome to save any cards to your Pinterest account for future reference. Simply place the curser over the picture until the Pinterest save sign shows up in the top left corner and enter. This will take you to your Pinterest account. If it doesn’t work, please leave a comment and let me know so I fix it. Thanks.

We are expecting quite a bit of snow overnight so tomorrow will be shovelling I think. We had a bit over the weekend but not much. That’s all for a cold and about-to-snow night, January 30, 2016.




jinxxxygirl said...

Holding your breath for snow.... I'm so sorry to hear of your loss Violet... a loss for so many people from what you say.. so sad.

You came up with a lovely card Violet..I especially love how it just kind of came together... Big big hugs! deb

aquafit said...

sorry for your loss violet. I like how your card came together, wish I could do that more. A pastor from one of our churches daughter was killed in a skiing accident in BC Sat. I need to make a few now.
You can come clean my desk off!!.

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