Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Feather Card

Unfortunately the snow storm didn’t miss us and I ended up having to shovel the driveway. However, my neighbour came over and has offered to do it from now on – and I insisted on paying him for doing so – more than happy to pay him to do it actually. Today was a beautiful day and a lot of the snow has melted. I took advantage of it to make a quick trip to the grocery store; Michaels; the Dollar Tree; and Bulk Barn…..okay, it wasn’t all that quick but the errands are done for this week.

Today’s card is another one that I created without any plan in mind whatsoever; in fact, it was just an experiment that worked.


I have a set of feather dies plus one small feather die in another set but no feather stamps. So, I die cut the feathers out of craft foam; inked them up with the Big and Juicy ink pad and stamped them in rows on some white cardstock. I was just testing them to see if it worked....and it did....and I liked how they looked but they were a bit stark looking. So I covered the panel with blue vellum and then I really liked it. I stamped and then die cut some more feathers to add to the front but it just didn’t like how it looked. So, I dug out this piece of purple cardstock and heat embossed the sentiment. Better but still needed work. So, I laid it in my ScorePal and scored three lines top and bottom and that looked better and I kept it. The feathers had been sitting on a circle of scrap cardstock with lots of glue over the top to keep them in place. Once the glue dried I just trimmed off any of the circle that was sticking out. The button was in my button stash and black embroidery thread was wound through the button holes and tied. Instead of a bow I just wrapped some purple thin ribbon around my hand, glued it the button and then cut the ends. Once I liked everything it was glued in place. Another masculine card made!

That’s all for a lovely mild Wednesday, 2017-02-01



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