Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Less is More...or Not Enough?

Yesterday was so nice and mild; today it was below freezing again. This flip-flop weather has continued all winter. Tomorrow it will only be a high of 4C (39F); Friday up to 19C (66F); Saturday back down to 8C (46F)…and it will start raining on Friday and rain is forecasted for the next 5 days. Hoo boy! 5 days of rain  means I will likely have some weird and wonderful speech days – the brain disorders do not like rainy days and it usually affects my speech big time…sometimes I sound like I’m from Georgia; sometimes I sound totally drunk; other times I add multiple syllables to the end of words. Yeah, I’m interesting to live with!

Today’s card is featuring the third die in the new set I bought. This is definitely a “less is more” card….or is it too much less? I’m thinking I should have added a bit of ribbon or twine. Your opinions would be appreciated.


I had my bag of green stash cardstock beside me so I die cut into this piece of olive green. Interesting design for sure and it takes up a lot of room. So I dug through the bag and found this striped cardstock and really liked it because it had light olive green in it plus some nice contrast colours. So, I simply glued them together and then on to the card base. The sentiment is a peel-off. I liked it and I thought it would be perfect for either a male or a woman who does not like fussy cards so I left it as is. I may have to do some more experimenting with these dies though.

That’s all for a cool Wednesday, 2017-03-22.



1 comment:

jinxxxygirl said...

I think this is a card that is beautiful on its own . I like simple cards... But if you were to add more it would still be beautiful. I think you could go either way..

The weather here has turned cool again after a very warm and muggy day... I'am thankful for a few more cool days... Now tomorrow could be interesting.. 100% chance of severe storms coming thru in the afternoon... we need the rain so i cannot wish it away... we'll just have to hunker down and hope for the best...hugs!deb

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