Wednesday, April 26, 2017

A Borrrowed Stamp

I’m still under the weather with this strange virus that does not want to leave. I’m now waiting for the results of a blood test to see if it’s mononucleosis! Yikes, I hope not. I told the doctor that I do not know anyone with mono but she said it doesn’t matter. Sometimes a person’s body will just do it itself.

I really wanted to plant the lily bulbs that I bought in Toronto when I went with my sister to the Canada Blooms show. I had growing in small pots as per my sister’s suggestion and they needed to go out in the garden. I also had several packages of seeds I wanted to plant. It is quite warm today but the wind still has a bit of a bite but my keeper, oops sorry, hubby, was very concerned about me being outside. We compromised and he dug up the areas for me and I got them planted. As soon as I was done and before I could do anything else he said, “Okay, that’s it. You’re grounded again”. It is nice to have a husband that cares about my health and well-being and I’ve had the opposite in my first marriage that ended many decades ago so I don’t complain even when he seems a bit too concerned.

My friend, Jane, and I traded some stamps and dies. I only made this one card from her set. They did not stick to the acrylic blocks. She said I could use double sided tape but I don’t like to use that so I declined. I usually just put Aleene’s ‘Tack it Over and Over’ on mine. Here’s the one card I made with it....a Stampin' Up stamp.


I inked up the stamp with Versamark; picked it up with my hands and placed it on the blue cardstock; placed the acrylic block on top and pressed down. Then I had to carefully lift off the block making sure the stamp wasn’t partially stuck (it did the first time and landed on the card…garbage) and then embossed it with white embossing powder. Then I repeated it for the bottom. The sentiment came with the set and I did the same thing for it on a piece of velum. Then it was all glued to the white card base.

I did stamp a few in dark blue on white cardstock for future use but it was such a pain when they don’t stick to the block and it was hard to get a good impression so I quit. I haven’t been down in the lower studio (aka the basement) at all because it is so damp down there and obviously not the best place when fighting a virus. However, I have lots of cards and scrapbook layouts yet to post.

That’s all for a sunny April day, 26 April 2017.



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