Monday, April 3, 2017

Z-Fold Card

Well I didn’t have a great weekend…the rainy weather finally got to me… I spent a few hours making cards and cleaning up the crafting table…..what a mess it was. I had been scrapbooking and then decided to make cards and just piled all the scrapbooking stuff on top of each other at one end of the table. It’s a short table and the mess was driving me crazy….a Virgo thing….I like everything organized…and/or neat! More rain is expected for the tonight and tomorrow too….so more cards could get made!

Here is one of the cards I made.


I wanted to make my daughter her birthday card and made this one for her but rejected it…just didn’t seem to suit her. Confession…I made 6 birthday cards before deciding on one for her which gave Joe a laugh and a shake of his head....and I'm pretty sure the eyes were rolling too! Anyway, this is a Z-fold card. So darn quick and easy to make and they all turn out differently. The long sentiment…minus the butterflies which are an old Stampin’ Up stamp. The other stamps are from various sources. The background looks brown in the photo but it is more like a burnt red in real life. You can find several instructions for these cards on the Internet. Most will tell you to cut the bottom 1 1/8” x 11 but I like 1 ½” better. They also say to cut that strip before scoring. I do all the scoring and then cut the strip off.

That’s all for a about-to-have-a-huge-storm Monday, April 3, 2017.



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