Friday, March 31, 2017

A Marsh Fire and a Layout

First thing I have to do is tell you about the big fire….Wednesday night the marsh at Point Pelee National Park, one of our favourite places to visit, started on fire. The marsh is full of dry cattails and other plants so it went up in flames very quickly. It burnt for about 12 hours but we have had two days of pretty steady rain and it was very heavy Thursday night so that helped put it out.

Here are a couple of photos of it.


The firefighters and park officials just let it burn but kept a close eye on the boardwalk and buildings so none of them caught on fire. The boardwalk through the marsh is well used by hundreds of people every day and it would have been awful to have lost it. At first people were upset about the fire but it turns out it will likely benefit the marsh in the long run. It will have burnt out the non-native invasive species and let the native plants flourish and it will open up some of the root systems so the fish and turtles can move through easier.

Point Pelee is the most southern part of mainland Canada and sits on the 42 parallel which is marked with a huge maple leaf that all the visitors want a picture with. Here is a photo of Joe and two of our grandsons, Jack and Seth, by the iconic sign a few years ago.


I thought I’d post a scrapbook layout today. I love scrapbooking as much as card making and quilting and I’m years behind in it….not sure I’ll ever get caught up actually!


I had some random photos of my daughter and her two sons from throughout the year and didn’t really want to do a page with one photo on each page…..just not my way of scrapbooking. So here’s is what I did. I took a piece of beige 12x12 cardstock as the base; added the rusty-red strip in the centre and then other strips under the photos. Most of the photos were mounted on white and I found that cute tag (likely meant for Project Life which I do not use) that I put in the middle bottom row to explain the page. The title was die cut with a Cuttlebug Alphabet die set. The date is from another one of their die sets. Finally other co-ordinating tags were added and hand wrote the names on. It’s a fun page and I quite like how it turned out.

That’s all for a very wet Friday, March 31, 2017. I can’t remember the last time we had a full two days of pretty much constant rain.



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jinxxxygirl said...

So sorry to hear about the fire in your favorite place Violet. Like you said, in the long run it can be a good thing but devasting to watch i think. I wonder how it started? I was amazed when i first lived in Tx that it was so dry there that a truck that happened to be dragging a chain by mistake could set off a fire by the sparks from the chain hitting the pavement... or someone mowing their dry yard just from the heat off the mower.......

Love your scrapbook layout! I have so much scrapbooking to do it makes me tired just thinking of it...... Hugs! deb

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