Sunday, August 20, 2017

Vacations Over

Well our week with the grandsons is over. They are all great boys, well behaved and polite. This grandma does not think bratty kids are 'cute' and let them get away with everything. I treat them the say way I did my daughters and they know they have to behave. Here are the little darlings.

Jack Almost 13 - Seth Ten - Finn Seven

The hi-lite of the trip was a 2 hour boat ride around Rondeau Bay courtesy of a friend of ours. The boys loved it. The oldest boy had my camcorder and was recording the scenery and the birds we saw. He wants to be a film director when he grows up. His brother just wanted to watch the scenery and the little guy was so relaxed it was funny. Here they are on the boat and check out the middle kid - Finn has his hands crossed behind his head and looks so relaxed.

Today Joe and I went to Sarnia to watch the Float Down. These crazy people leave Port Huron MI in inflatable tubes and float down to Marysville, MI - about 10 miles or so. It is an unorganized; unsanctioned; uninsured annual event. Last year the wind picked up and changed direction and blew a couple hundred of them over to the Canadian side of the river and they could not get back. Big problem! They had no ID, clothes, etc and some were suffering from the cold. The Canadian Police, Ambulances, etc. took them to safety;  fed and housed them overnight and let the USA customs people sort out how to get them back across the border without ID. The city of Sarnia picked up the tab for it too and refused to let Port Huron or the people they helped pay them back.....typical Canadians!

This year the officials on both sides were not taking any chances of a repeat from last year. They had dozens of boats in the water to keep the floaters on the US side and even a helicopter flying up and down the river. No pleasure crafts or lake freighters  were allowed between the bridge and Marysville ...and when you see the photos below you will understand why. This costs the shipping companies hundreds of thousands of dollars but safety first.

They only let about 100 floaters out at a time. Families and friends that are travelling together often tie the tubes together so they don't get separated. Of course a few Canadians have no joined in on this side of the river but not very many. Its quite the site to see. 

I'll be back tomorrow with a beautiful blue monochromatic card that I was so happy with I can't wait to make more, maybe with different colours.



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  1. I look forward to your card Violet.. I love when your excited about what you've done... love seeing all your pictures of your vacation.. they are getting so big!! I've done some tubing on a much smaller and its alot of fun.. that was in TX .... Oh and i tubed down the Delaware river in PA...

    So good to see you back posting... it just dawned on me things have kinda quiet on your Hugs! deb


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