Friday, October 13, 2017

Spooky Card Time

It was so cold here on Wednesday I broke down and turned the furnace on for awhile. Today we had to cut the grass (Joe) and clean up and out the dead and/or dying flowers (Me). It was so hot and humid I joked to Joe that we may have to turn the A/C back on….he was not amused! Clearing out the dead flowers is not nearly as much fun as planting them in the spring! Last year I planted 25 red and white Canada tulips but I decided this spring that I had them too close together and wanted to dig them up and spread them out……Mr. and Mrs. Squirrel beat me to it! I do believe they are having a feast on my tulips….but they left me 6!

Grrrrr. They keep burying nuts in my flower pots too and dirt is always thrown all over the patio which annoys Joe to no end. Oh well, guess I’ll just have to decide tulips are annuals and replant them every fall.

My grandkids all love Halloween – especially the dressing up part. I didn’t have to make any costumes this year but I did have to e an accessory for one. Seth wanted to be Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas movie (His and my daughter’s favourite movie) and I was going to make the suit but I wandered into the thrift store one day about a month ago and there was one hanging on the ‘thrifty priced costumes’ rack – brand new but marked as a medium adult instead of a child. I snatched it up quick and mailed it to him but he needed the special bowtie. Here is what I made for him. I put chenille stems in the top two wing things ....Barbi says they are bat wings....okay, if you say they are bendable. The bat head is then sewn on. I just drew it. It will do.

I also make the younger grandkids Halloween cards….they like Halloween and I like making cards. Here is Jack’s card.

This is the card folded up ready to mail. I made them each a Z-fold card....much easier to make than they look… a Z-card search on YouTube for lots of ideas. The card base is just a piece of cardstock and the panels are covered with a variety of Halloween paper…mostly from a 6” Tim Holtz pack….which I’m almost out of and hope to find another one on sale soon.

The raven is a Sizzix die cut….fun to make these ones. The fence is also a die cut. The rat is a stamp and I cut it out by hand. The labels are a free download I found on the Internet.

This is card sideways view.

This is front view opened up. For the middle panel where the sentiment is I decided to rough it up by distressing the edges; ripping them a bit; sponging on some colour and inking the edges.

That’s all for a hot and humid October, Friday the 13th 2017.




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