Friday, January 26, 2018

The Wolf Pack Quilt

Finally! A winter day I could tolerate all winter long….if only it would stay like this. It got as high as 9C today (48F) which was such a welcome relief. Rain tomorrow; clear Sunday; snow on Monday and back to below freezinginsert big sigh here!

Today I’m posting the last quilt I made instead of a card. I have multiple hobbies so you never know what I’m going to post. This is the quilt I made and donating to the Friends of Rondeau at Rondeau Provincial Park for their annual raffle…it’s been valued at $600….and this is just the second prize!

          The middle part is a panel of wolves. Then there is an uneven nine patch around it and then a very wide border of wolves. I did not have a pattern for this – my own design. I wanted the checker board pattern to be uneven because it seemed to fit the nature panel. The photo does not do it justice and it is much nicer in real life.

          The outside border does not show up well in the photo so here is a close-up of it.

That’s all for a lovely winter day, Friday, January 26, 2018.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and I’ll be back with a card on Monday.



1 comment:

jinxxxygirl said...

Such a beautiful quilt Violet... I just LOVE wolves... hmmm.... is there anything i don't love?? lol Really though this is beautiful.. especially after seeing the close up.. I can only imagine all the work that went into it as i don't know how to quilt.. My mother in law was a quilter.. We have one of her quilts tucked away in the closet... It rained here last night around midnight! Needed it so bad... need more... Its been another dry winter.. Take care Violet.. enjoy the warm while you can!! Hugs! deb

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