Monday, April 9, 2018

The Chosen One

This has been a very sad weekend. It started with the horrific accident in Saskatchewan between a transport truck and a bus load of young hockey players….15 killed; three adults and 12 boys as far as we know. Somehow the transport truck driver wasn’t even hurt but they put him right into mental health counselling because his guilt must be dreadful to deal with. Then we found out our neighbour’s 39 year old son died of a sudden heart attack. He was the picture of health before he collapsed. So sad for them too.       

But, life must go on so I am posting the ‘chosen’ card. In case you have not read the last few posts, I showed my husband four birthday cards that I had made that were all suitable for our daughter whose birthday was last Friday. He picked the one he liked the best -  which happened to be my favourite as well - and we mailed it off to her. She liked too so that was good. So, I’ve already posted the three he rejected (scroll down to the other posts to view them) and this is the one he liked.

The quilters reading this blog will recognize the centre as the ‘9 patch’ which is a very common quilting block. I took the left over scraps of paper and cut them into 1” squares and then glued them to the light pink background – which is the same colour as the middle square. Then it was glued to the polka dot square and then to the hot pink card base. The butterfly was die cut and embossed with Cuttlebug die/embossing set and then three fancy gems were glued down the centre. Just the middle of the butterfly is glued down so the wings are free. The camera changed the colour of the butterfly a bit. The wing on the bottom is pinker in real life but that’s okay. You get the idea.

The bottom pink is the same pink as the piece behind the 9 patch. Then another piece was another left over bit. The sentiment started out as a silver peel-off but I ran a red alcohol marker over it to give it a pinkish tinge.

That’s all for a cold and snowy, yes, we are having a few snow flurries today, Monday April 9, 2018.



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  1. So much sadness surrounding your final reveal of the chosen birthday card.. Its a very pretty quilted card Violet and i can see why he chose it!

    We are expecting warm temps the next several days.. 60s and 70's with a round of Thunderstorms coming thru Friday that i hope will not be too severe...

    I'm so sorry to hear about the hockey players and adults and your neighbor's son... I will keep them in my thoughts.......... Hugs! deb


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