Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Getting you caught up-to-date

Here are some of the other things I make - just to give you an idea of how I spend my time!
An old milk can I painted for a guy. This is the old Blue Water Bridge from the 60's I think. He did a "body job" on my two old cans in exchange for painting his. I still have mine to do....this winter's project.

South African dolls. These are typically made by mothers for their daughters when they "become of age" (around 13)!!! A friend of mine is from South Africa and she gave me a piece of gift wrap paper with pictures on them and challenged me to make one...so I did. Actually made two as my daughter, Janette, requested one.

Father Christmas! Loved creating this one.

A wizard my daughter requested. Not the best shot but it was before digital!

These are weird I know but I like them. Hubby always sweeps the driveway after cutting the lawn and uses straw brooms. He wears them down on an angle so instead of sending them to a landfill I created broom people out of them.

I love to paint! This is just a Christmas sign I made a few years ago.

Last entry for the day. This is a hand appliqued lighthouse I made for hubby. My first attempt at hand appliqueing - might be last too.

1 comment:

Lindsay Weirich said...

wow violet! your painting are lovely! The milk jug turned out great!

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