Sunday, February 13, 2011

We are all in the same boat!

This little, and I do mean little, wall-hanging was another quilt guild challenge. An idiom!  The challenge was to make a small quilt to depict an idiom. Fun! The title of mine was "We are all in the same boat" - get it? - people, animals and birds and sea life all in the same boat as we we all share the same universe. I think it won 2nd prize.

The border is made from half-square triangles. These were the cut offs from another project and most quilters throw them into the waste basket. Whenever I sew a snowball block corner, I resew about 1/3" from the original line, and then cut in half. This cut off part is then trimmed to what ever size I can get it to and used in another project. No, I do not like to waste anything! Mmm. this could be why my shelves are for ever overflowing!

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