Sunday, February 13, 2011

cards for the nursing home

After we enjoyed the church service (our minister is a hoot) and a quick lunch, I decided to walk down to Riverview Gardens, (a nursing home down the street from us), to make some visits to the shut-ins. I'm part of the pastoral care team for our church and there are, right now, seven people that I visit. Joe was watching the Red Wings (boo - I root for Toronto Maple Leafs) so it was a perfect time for me to get my visits in.  However, I got to the door and made a U-turn real quick. They have a respiratory infection alert on the door! My sister-in-law just spent a week in the hospital with pneumonia and there was no way I was taking a chance of picking up a respiratory infection so I left.

So, instead I returned home - at least I got a walk in today - and decided to make them all "thinking of you" cards so they would know I have nto abandoned them - well not completely anyway.

Here are two of the cards I made. The others are pretty much the same. I seldom make two cards the same but I decided in this case it made sense to do so.

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