Monday, April 25, 2011


Another rainy day here in Ontario. I haven't left the house except to dash out this morning to fill up the bird feeders. Just made it before it started to rain hard. I spent the day scrapbooking. Christmas scrapbooking 2008 & 2009 are finally finished so now it is time for some different paper to play with - Easter 2009. But those pages are not quite ready for posting yet. Here is the Cousins scrapbook page.

There is 5 years difference between the two older boys and the little one is 3 years younger yet...but they all love each other and have a great time when they get together, which isn't often enough. Sword fighting is the all time favorite thing to do! Joven, the oldest, is very careful not to hurt Jack or Seth. Seth was still too little to join his brother, Jack, and big cousin Joven in sword fighting in 2008 but joined the game the next year.

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