Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Joven's Gingerbread Cookies

This is the last Christmas layout for 2009. My grandson, Joven, with the help of his Nana, made us all gingerbread cookies but instead of gingerbread men, he made animals and butterflies. My daughter's family didn't make it down for Christmas that year so she mailed the cookies he had made along with the gifts.
Here is the layout.

Joven' is the cute blond in the upper left hand corner. We hall had our picture taken holding our cookies. He had put our names on them which was precious of him. Jack ended up with two cookies and we figured later on that one of them was likely for Joe's sister, Joanne, and he forgot he put Jack's name on one and put his name on a second one. Joanne wasn't there so she didn't miss anything. Poor little Seth fell asleep so Barbi held his cookie up in front of him while I snapped the photo. Joey, of course, had to have his picture taken with the cookie in his jaws.

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