Thursday, May 26, 2011

Brutal day but got another card done!

Yesterday was a brutal day - BRUTAL! My brain disorders decided to attack on Tuesday night and boy did they attack. No idea what set it off as I was sitting watching TV so not doing anything that would cause it...I have a huge list of things that will set them off but this time I guess it was the pending thunderstorms. Low atmospheric pressure and thunderstorms in particular are usually pretty severe attacks.

I managed to do a few errands in the morning - hubby does all the driving when we are together so that was good and we got groceries in the afternoon. Then he decided we should get our annuals so I could plant them today. Didn't want to go but decided maybe he was right so off we went. I've been saving my points from the SuperStore so we went there - closed because of the weather! Hmmm. Didn't really think of that one happening. Would he go home, nope, drove to another nursery at the other end of town. By the time I got there I was in so much pain I just wanted to lay down but I put on a brave face and threw some plants on the cart - and then the rain came in torments so we waited, and waited, and waited. Finally it let up enough we made a run for it. By this time he had clued in on how bad my pain was and felt bad that he insisted on getting the flowers. Not sure what was with him - he doesn't pick out the flowers, pay for the flowers, plant the flowers, water the flowers or fertilize the flowers - but he does like looking at them I guess!

Didn't get much sleep last night and just played in my studio this morning but by lunch time I decided to plant just the pots around the house...I think there are about 14 of them! Did that and then planted some of the annuals in and around the spring flowering bulbs that are still in my way. Did more then I thought I would but it started to rain again about 3:00 so I called it quits. I hate giving in to pain and I feel better (usually) when I work thru it....and no, I don't take pain pills! I would have to take narcotics to touch the pain and I won't take them at all. No sir, not me!

After the wet trip to the nursery yesterday and a quick supper I went to the lower studio and finished a couple of cards. I made one I call "Have a great day" and it could be a birthday, graduation or anniversary card. I may leave it blank so people can decide which they want. Then I finished, well almost finished, my card for the Bellarific challenge this week at Stampin' Bella.I finished it off this morning. I'll post that one tomorrow. Here is the "have a great day" card.

A friend of mine decided she didn't really take to stamping and card making so she gave me her stamps - good to have friends. I surprised her with a gift certificate from Tim Horton's as a thank you! Anyway, this was one of the stamps. It's coloured with my Tombow markers this time and then I added some glitter - gotta have a little glitter! The blue around the flowers is chalk. It had a border around it but I didn't care for the way the colouring turned out so I just cut it off, and cut around the leaves, and then added my own borders. The tag is a Spellbinder tag and I then glued it on to the grape coloured paper and cut around it mimicking the tag a bit. The green background was just green c/s that I ran thru a Cuttlebug folder.

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