Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Palm Tree Quilt

Yet another rainy day in Ontario. Will spring ever get here and stay? Hubby says we are going to be skipping spring and just go right into summer. I can't remember any other May 18th that the furnace was still running! This should be close to A/C time, not furnace time.

Oh well, can't control the weather so we must accept what comes. Tonight is the quilt guild meeting so I thought I would post a quilt I made for my granddaughter, Kadri. She wanted a small quilt to take to the beach so when I saw this pattern in a magazine I immediately thought of her.

It's hard to see the tree trunks unless you double click on the picture to enlarge it but they are there. It is all done in various black and white fabric except for the coconuts that are in green and the very small green first border that I think is only 1/4". I actually followed the pattern - shocker I know! 

When I got it done I decided she needed a bag to match to carry it in so I made one. Then I decided if she was taking it to the beach she would be carrying a water bottle so I made a water bottle cover to match. I think this is why my scheduling of how long it takes to make things is never right..I keep adding projects to the original one! This was her hand crafted Christmas gift. I used to make something for everyone but I've pretty much let that tradition go. Here is Kadri with the bag and water bottle and the quilt behind her.

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