Thursday, August 25, 2011

Butterfly pop up cards

Wow, what a scary night. We were under a tornado watch and then a warning til midnight. Never in my life have I seen lightning like last night. Constant flashes that filled the western sky for hours and hours. Scary! However, no tornado touched down in Chatham area but there are unconfirmed reports around Parkhill and area. One of my daughters and family live near there and they spent quite some time in their basement to ride out the storm.

Now, on to the post. I am posting two cards that are similar yet different. I have used wallpaper for these cards but regular scrapbooking paper works fine too. A friend gave me some wallpaper sample books and once in awhile I dig into them to see what I can make from them. Do NOT use wallpaper in your scrapbooks - it is anything but acid free.

Here's the first card I made.

Here's how I did it. I first cut out the wallpaper to fit the card base and I gently rubbed some light pink ink over it. It was a off-white background that I decided was too stark. The light pink is subtle but there. I rubbed a darker pink ink around the edges. I printed off the sentiment and die cut it with Spellbinders label and ran the ribbon behind the wallpaper before gluing the wallpaper to the base (used Zip Dry but any good glue will work) making sure that I put extra around the area that I knew I was going to cut out. Then I placed by butterfly die (Cuttlebug) on an angle, opened the card out flat and ran it thru the Cuttlebug - back and forth to make sure I got a clean cut....I actually almost always go back and forth.

Then I removed the butterfly, placed it in one of the embossing folders that came with the die and ran it thru the Cuttlebug again. Then I rubbed some hot pink ink on the embossed areas and around the edges of the butterfly. Put more glue on the back of the butterfly, close the card and place the butterfly right in the cut away area and press firmly. Done.

Here is the inside of the card.

I just added a simple birthday greeting to the inside and made dots with a Sharpie pen to mimic the butterfly flying.

Now, that was easy but let's go one step further. I wondered what it would be like if the butterfly popped up instead of laying flat. So I made another card. This one is going to a friend battling serious health problems.

I used the same technique as the first but used a different label. The difference is this time I cut out another butterfly out of solid pink and glued it down flat thru the cut-out as before. Then I took the embossed butterfly and put glue (glossy accents this time) just down the spine of the butterfly and adhered it to the flat pink butterfly. Now when the card opens, the butterfly pops out and the flat pink looks like a shadow. Here is the inside.
I guess I should have taken a photo of the inside on an angle so you could see it better but trust me, it worked.

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