Monday, August 1, 2011

Christmas Smiles

Back to Christmas layouts today. Another hot and humid day with a chance of a thunderstorm looming so maybe seeing a Christmas layout will make seem cooler!
Keep in mind once again, this layouts are from my early years of scrapbooking and my supplies, not to mention, knowledge of scrapbooking, was limited.

This is my granddaughter, Kadri, and her cousin, (my grandson) Jack. Kadri was the only one who get him to make the big belly laughs that day.

This is a single page layout instead of a double. When I end each Christmas season I try to have one layout on its own page and on the opposite page I write a little synopsis of the Christmas we had, who hosted it, who made it or didn't make it, etc. I don't bother posting those but it will be nice in years to come for family members looking at the pages to know why so-and-so is not in any of the pictures, etc.

I made the letters by taking plain cream paper and stamped swirls all over it. Then I cut out the letters but not sure where I got the shapes from but I think I copied them from an old lettering book my daughter had in school for projects. I cut them out and then glued them to red cardstock and then cut around them leaving an edge.

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