Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Earthquake in Ontario?? ...and storage dilemma

Wow, the talk around here is the earthquake that was felt in Southern Ontario that originated down in Virginia, U.S.A. Joe and I didn't feel it here at our house but my sister-in-law who lives across town felt it. She lives on the 4th floor and she said it actually moved her computer tower. Hopefully no one was hurt anywhere. This happening just after a F3 tornado touched down in Goderich, ON on Sunday which destroyed the heart of that town and caused one death is a bit too much.

However, life goes on and we must be grateful for every day here on earth - good or bad because it's better then the alternative. When people remark that I handle dealing with two rare brain disorders so well I always tell them "Every day this side of the dirt is a good one"!


Now on to the storage dilemma. Are any of you thrifters?..you know, those that wander thru thrift stores? I love to go. Never know what you are going to find. On Saturday I went over to Value Village and found a bag of stamps - one large background stamp, one new Making Memories 4 flower stamps and a new package of alphabet stamps and some other things - $4.99! and a brand new, hand made but well made bird house - $2.99 and some of those brand new satin/foam covered hangers...I think I picked up 6 for $3.99 or so. Oh, I'm drifting away from the topic...sorry.

So, I was wandering thru the thrift store one day and found one of those old storage containers that held the very large floppy disks from the 80's. I sort of wondered if it would hold DVD or CD cases so one of the young guys that work there went and got one and it fit fine. Bought it for $1.99 I think. It was pretty plain and marked up so I thought I'd pretty it up some. Phase 1 - covered it with alcohol inks. Here it is:

Better but still rather blah!

Next Phase - Flowers and birds. I cut out dozens of pictures of flowers and birds and glued them on with ModPodge. Here it is:
Better but rather bright now!

So on to Phase Three: I painted watered down brown paint all over it and wiped it off immediately. This toned down the bright colours and made a more pleasing effect. Here are a couple of close-ups of it.
There is just a subtle difference.

So I put all my Spellbinder dies into blank CD cases and put them in. Oh, oh they didn't all fit. It's not as big as I thought it was.
And I couldn't fit the dividers in that I had already labeled. And to make it worse....

.....it doesn't close. Well, most of them fit in but it's not really working for me without the dividers......another Virgo thing. So, any suggestions on how to store those Spellbinder dies? If so, please leave your suggestions on the comment section for others to view too.

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Christa said...

Sorry, I don't have any lightbulb ideas for you, but I LOVE how the box turned out, even if it's not exactly the right size! :)

I have my Spellbinders in CD cases in a plastic crate I got from the dollar store. It's not pretty, but it works great.

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