Monday, August 22, 2011

Mixed Media Challenge for August 22, 2011

I really am struggling with the mixed media pieces...probably because I'm a Virgo and we like things neat and tidy and matching...but then again, I love other people's mixed media collages, I just can't seem to do it easily myself. OK, I've only done 3 in my life so maybe I need to keep practicing. The library had some cool books on mixed media and collage and we just happened to walk down there this morning so I walked home with a much heavier bag. Luckily my new ELVIS library bag (older post) is nice and sturdy with strong straps so it works very well for when I get carried away...and no, hubby still won't carry the Elvis bag.

So, here's my entry for today's challenge on Stampin' Bella site. The challenge was to use circles.

I did two other pieces but they went into the big "G". Didn't like either one. Not crazy about this one either but better then the other two.

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