Sunday, October 30, 2011

From a Curtain to a Vest

That's right...first it was a curtain, and then it was a vest. We bought new curtains for the bedroom and they were way too long. After cutting them off and re-hemming them I had a large piece of fabric left over and I said to hubby "I cannot waste this fabric. I have to turn it into something". He just shook his head, rolled his eyes, and walked away - smart man! (Although I've noticed he does the head shaking and eye rolling quite a lot - my father used to do that too - must be just a man trait). Anyway, after thinking about it for awhile, I made a decision and took the plunge. Here's what that curtain remnant became:

Yup, I made a vest, fully lined, and painted it. The patterns are from various painting sources and I just used acrylic paint mixed with fabric medium....and of course, I added some glitter.

I hate to waste things...hate to throw stuff in the garbage that fills up the landfill...and I love to recycle "junk" into useful items. Try it yourself. It's so rewarding.

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