Saturday, October 15, 2011

Halloween Wall-Hanging

I laugh every October when I hang this small quilt on the railing. It is so badly made! I had just started to teach myself how to quilt when my husband suggested that I made some wall-hangings to hang on the top of the stairs. We have a wrought iron railing. Good idea, much better to make small wall-hangings then big quilts. So, fall was coming so I decided to make a fall/Halloween wall-hanging. I had no idea what I was doing, had no pattern and actually, no plan....which will be obvious when you see the quilt. I bought some fall fabric at set to work.
I'll show you the quilt and then I'll tell you how it came about.

I used some patterns from tole-painting books I had and iron-on transfer patterns and some I just drew and made up. I made up several small blocks with the intention of then sewing them together. This is where the "no plan" created a problem. I did not draft out sizes or placement. I just happily sat there sewing small little blocks. So, I had to trim some down, add borders to others to get them the same size and then arranged them in rows so I could sew them together. Some are a bit askew -a bit?? OK, a lot askew. I also didn't realize that I was suppose to quilt the entire thing once it was done so it is very floppy. I just stitched around each block and called it done. I keep saying I am going to actually finish quilting it but then I put it away and don't. It is on my "list" do make a new one but so far its down on the list. I hang it up every year to remind myself that with practice and perseverance things do get better. My quilting as improved immensely since I made this....OK at least it has improved some!

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