Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Scary Halloween Costume

 Eleven years ago today, as I write this at 10:12 EST, I was undergoing exploratory brain surgery in London, ON...surgery the neurosurgeon was reluctant to perform because it was so dangerous. I give thanks to God every day for guiding that surgeon's hands.

Speaking of which, yesterday's plans fell apart. Although my brain surgery was successful in a lot of ways, I was left with two brain disorders which have been bothering me all week and yesterday I just didn't feel well at all so I didn't go make quilts at the church. However I did get my grandson's dragon costume made. Worst pattern instructions EVER. McCall's obviously don't have anyone check to make sure the average sewer can follow the instructions. Luckily I've been sewing for years and I usually just glance at their instructions and do it my own way anyway.

But now for the actual posting for today. This Halloween costume I whipped up in a hurry when my neighbour and I were invited to a costume party. I was a single mom back then and $$ were in short supply so I went to the thrift store and bought a couple of old sheets and grabbed some Halloween make-up at Bargain Harold's or Bi-Ways (remember them?) and this is what I came up with. It had actually sleeves and I just used all the fabric to make it very full.

My daughter sprayed my hair whitish grey and put white make-up on my face with red all around my eyes. We did the fingernails a bright, bright red. You don't think this was scary. Let me tell you. I drove Linda and I to the party while wearing our costumes and without even thinking it would bother anyone. We stopped at a stop light and a car pulled up beside us. I automatically turned my head to look over at it and the little kid in the car looked at me and started screaming. His mother looked at me and her eyes popped and she shouted something rude. Sorry!

My oldest daughter also wore the costume for Halloween night trick or treating and her best friend had a similar costume but all in black. I made them watch our house to give out treats while I took her little sister trick or treating. As I was coming home with her I stopped to say hello to another neighbour and I heard this high pitch wail. Another neighbour came up and suggested I may want to go home....now....OK!

We lived in a row of townhouses and as I approached I could see they had turned off the porch light and had a disco light on in the front foyer instead. One of them was standing by the long glass window beside the door holding a flashlight to her face and the other one, I think my daughter, was doing the wailing. When I got to the door the first thing my daughter said to me was "I don't know why you made us stay to give out candy. We only 2 or 3 kids come to the door!"  Gee I wonder why! Kids! Too funny!
One of our favorite Maryanne stories.

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