Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Black, Cream and Gold Christmas Card

It has been raining steady and hard here in Southwestern Ontario since last evening. So glad its not coming down as snow!!! I'm still under attack of the brain disorders so no quilting or sewing for me again today. I don't like any noise when under attack. Yesterday afternoon I pulled out some small pieces of slate and started doing some small welcome signs for winter. I haven't done any tole painting for awhile and I decided it would be a good change of pace. I'm a messy painter....well, I'm messy with every hobby. My husband was a professional painter - of houses and buildings (inside rooms). He wore white pants and T-shirt and seldom at the end of the year did he have paint splatters on him. Incredible. I, on the other hand, go down to the "lower studio" and do tole painting and I ended dropping the brushes on my shirt and then it bounces on my pants, or I drag my sleeve across the paint palette as I reach for something, or I scratch my nose with my paint covered fingers. He just shakes his head at me...cannot understand it. I just shrug if off - that's what old worn out clothes are for.............. and I always wear old clothes when I paint!

So, I'll post the slate pictures when done but right now I still have some Christmas cards to share. This one turned out pretty well. I like it. Lots and lots of layers on this one.

The stamp is from Inkadinkado and I stamped it with black ink on a cream panel, mounted that on a gold panel, and then on a black panel and then set it aside. I took a piece black cardstock and ran the left side thru a Cuttlebug skinny folder of dots (you can just barely see them in the picture), then I took some of the same cream paper I previously used and attached an embossed gold strip (cut off from a discarded previous Christmas card someone donated to me), and then glued that to the black cardstock with just a hint of the black showing on the right and then attached that whole section to a gold card. Then I glued on the tree panel. It's pretty striking in person if I do say so myself.

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LindaH said...

Hi Violet...I popped in to leave a comment about your fab AJ Monday page this week and I came across this stunner! WOW...gorjus!

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