Sunday, November 20, 2011

Embossed and Sanded Card

What a week! Glad this one is about over! I have been so busy, and accomplished next to nothing. I had to go to Windsor on Tuesday to have a deep cleaning of the gums around the roots of  my teeth - and found out that the abscess I had on the tooth last week (which my dental plan won't pay the dentist exam - grrrr) was not a gum abscess but a tooth root abscess and I will most likely lose the tooth. Just great! Then I'm told that they only do this deep cleaning the first time on one half of the face,(the first time it takes one hour to do on half) and I have to come back for the other half...on Thursday.  If I had been told that I would have made one appointment in the morning and one for the afternoon the same day to save a trip.

We got away late on Tuesday so we only had about 30 minutes at Michael's after lunch and they didn't have much I needed on sale. I was looking for inexpensive 6" canvas but the only ones they had were $6.95 - on sale! Too expensive for me. The only good thing about having to make two trips is that hubby likes to wander thru malls and I had some birthday money not spent so Thursday we left earlier and went to the mall.  I did get some new clothes! Always nice!

Friday I was only having a so-so day and of course, everything I tried to do, didn't work out. Wasted day! I ditched everything I was working on. So frustrating. It's like having writers' block.

So, I didn't get much accomplished as far as crafting, sewing, quilting, etc. But I did finish up a quick sketch of a face on my Art Journal page that I will submit tonight to Stampin' Bella. It will be posted tomorrow but its not one of my favorites. I think I gessoed over it about three times and finally just gave up. I wasn't going to bother but this morning I was under attack of the brain disorders so no church once again, so I just sat down at my desk and sketched a real quick face on the page I worked on all week. Sometimes it is what it is. Call it done and move on.

OK, rant is over. Now on to the posting. I had won some paper and in the pack was some dark blue with a white core. It was really thick paper and wasn't sure what to do with it but finally came up with this.

I cut a piece to the size of the folder and ran it thru the cuttle bug using an embossing folder. Then I took some sand paper and sanded just parts of the image. It sort of looks like snow has settled here and there. The bottom needed something so I embossed the word Greetings with white embossing powder. I thought it went on a little thick but but when I looked at the stamp, some letters are solid, some are not.

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