Monday, November 21, 2011

Art Journal Monday - Quiet Moment

Well, I did send my Art Journal page into Stampin' Bella even though I'm not all that thrilled with it. Sometimes they go together quickly, other times, not. This whole week was a week of "not". For instance, I started making Barbi doll clothes to donate (along with some Barbies) to the Goodfellows, and cut out some fabric that frayed and shifted when sewing. Not a good idea with small pieces so that all got dumped in the garbage and I cut out more out of cotton...much better choice. I did colour in some stamped images while making supper but the few cards I was going to put together are still sitting there. Nothing seems right so no gluing down yet. So, overall, a non-creative, non-productive week but this is the piece I finally finished.

This week's challenge was to draw a face on our piece. I didn't like the background at all and I think I put gesso over about 80% three times. Yeah, it's thick. The weekend was not a great one for me - under attack of the brain disorders (and still am this morning). I wasn't going to even do a face (I'm not an artist, more of a doodler) or send it in but yesterday morning I just sat down at my desk, grabbed the background piece, and sketched a face. Hubby keeps trying to get me to sit and "Have a quiet moment with your thoughts" like he does. I'm good for about 2 minutes and I tell him "My thoughts are telling me to get up and do something". He has pretty much given up on me. If I'm sitting I want a book in my hand, not just sitting staring at a wall like he can do.

Anyway, back to the post, for most people that background and busy piece would not reflect their quiet moments. But, in reality, this is about as quiet as my thought get and seeing as I did not have a great week, my background reflected it. I kept trying to tone it down but it didn't work.  I'm already planning next year's garden, hence the flower. The busy background represents the pain that I go thru from my two brain disorders - not fatal, but painful some days. So, I guess for me, this is a quiet moment.

The title letters are from a package I picked up on sale at the Paper Pickle. They are white with the white lines embossed and you can colour them any colour you want. First I cut out around each letter leaving a border. I placed them on a piece of plastic and pounced on three colours of alcohol ink and then removed them. They had a sticky back so they were easy to apply. I like them. Glad I picked up a couple of packages.

It just needed something else and while I was leafing thru some of my stash I found this quote "Let the Light heal you and fill you with energy". Perfect. I also hope His Light fills me with some creativity for this coming week.

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