Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Costumes 2011

Halloween is over! It didn't rain last night so we had a few kids come out - 62 actually. I was prepared for 99 so we have a stash in the freezer. I'm not much of a chocolate eater but Joe enjoys it. I only want chocolate when I have a headache, not head pain from my brain disorders (thank goodness or I'd be bubba) but for some reason I crave chocolate when I have a plain old headache. One of my daughters does too.

Anyway, I didn't get to post all the costumes I've made for the grandchildren and children over the years but I thought I'd post what they wore last night. I haven't seen what Joven wore yet though.

First up is Jack. I didn't make this one. He inherited it from his cousin, Joven, who loves Vikings and Knights.
Could he be any cuter?

Next up is Finn. I did make Finn's costume for Seth when he was a toddler and I posted it a few days ago. Glad it fit Finn.

Another little cutie. He loved everything about Halloween and nothing scared him. He loved the funny and scary costumes, the pumpkins lit up and the Halloween decorated yard.

Next up is Seth. I made this costume. I have the scrapbook pages done but not photographed yet so I'll post them later. Right now here is is costume.

This was trying it on day. I think he likes it!
The pattern did not call for wings or claws - which to my mind made it look like a dinosaur, not a dragon so I added them myself.

This was last night at his house. Take a look at that tail! That was interesting to sew around. I had to make and stuff that tail first and then flip it over my shoulder to sew the rest of it. Here's what I looked like making the costume.
Yes, I know - I have  very tiny (and messy) sewing room! My sewing room is actually a long closet so very tiny. And....one cannot be creative and neat at the same time! That's my excuse and I'm sticking with it.


Melissa said...

Seth is so cute - he always has that devilish little grin :) Finn looks really cute in the monkey costume! Jack's costume is so, Jack! I could picture him as a pirate too - has he done that one before?

Barbi said...

Yes he has been a pirate Melissa! And mom made it :)

Seth told everyone "it's hard to pick up candy with my claws, but they keep my hands warm" He loved it, and looked so cute. You are the best

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