Saturday, November 5, 2011

Joven at Halloween 2010

Yup, still posting Halloween layouts! October went by too darn fast to get everything posted. I still have some I may keep for next year but I wanted to get one of Joven in. I had limited pictures sent to me so this is what I came up with.

This is the two page layout. I wish I had gotten the picture of him in the mummy suit printed off 5x7 but I didn't. I actually thought I had clicked it to print 5x7 along with the one of him on the opposite page but it obviously didn't take and I didn't notice it. So, to make it stand out I adhered it to a piece of bright orange so your eye goes directly to it. The pumpkin on the far right is the one he carved. The ghosts wee cut out of cardboard using a Sizzix die I have and then painted white with the edges shaded with light mauve. The eyes are cut out with the die so I just put black cardstock behind them. By placing the ghosts where they are, it makes the eye travel the page...same if you look at the black scroll first.
Here are close-ups of the two pages.

The black vines across the page is a stamp...duplicated under the pumpkin on opposite page. 

I like each page to have the eye travel too so I balanced the tag with two paper buttons the same colour.

The pages look crooked but it was windy when I was photographing them. They are straight in real life.

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