Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Mixed Media Canvas

What a hoot last night was! I finally got to take my first mixed media class. Linda Heavens taught it at the Paper Pickle and we had fun....and ended up with very colourful fingers, which I, personally, am used to. I love to dip my fingers into paint and glue and spread it around. Luckily for me and the others around the table I did not come down with a cold yesterday. I think I just had a severe allergy (likely allergic to getting up early??) or sinus attack which my Netti Pot cleared up.

So, here's what we made:

This is a 6 inch canvas. I love doing this. It won't become my one and only thing though because I just need several different hobbies going..but this is fun and rather therapeutic really. Nothing is precise and if you don't like something, cover it with gesso and put something else down. Nice not to have to measure and cut precisely. When I was putting on the rub-ons, some others on the sheet came off where I didn't want them - Oh well! That's the fun part - just let them stay there!


Mandel said...

I just discovered your lovely blog :) I really like this canvas. Especially the alteration of the saying! :)

Greetings from Germany

Jackie said...

Wow, you do lovely work!

LindaH said...

It was nice to finally meet you Violet....and I honestly can't see any piece of rubon that is out of place!

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