Monday, December 5, 2011

AJ Monday - 20 hours of rain!

Last week's Art Journal challenge was to make a page by writing on it - something you say a lot or some meaning to you, etc. Well, it just so happens we did have at least 20 hours of continual rain last week and every time one of us would look out we would say "I'm just glad its not snow" so I just had to put that on my page. I could do another one this week as I don't think its stopped raining since yesterday morning. We cannot remember ever having this much rain in November, or even April actually. We have a sump pump but hubby is getting worried about it quitting some night so we are now putting in a back-up sump pump. Its a bit expensive but worth the peace of mind - and besides the basement is my "lower studio" and my stash needs protecting.

Here's my page:
First I misted the paper and added some tiny drops of water colour paint and then sprayed the dots to make them run and then let it dry. I did this over and over,sometimes with water colour paint, sometimes with acrylic paint,  letting the drops getting bigger and darker each time. When the background seemed to look like a hazy, rainy day I took a piece of magic sponge, cut a dew drop shape and then put it in water to enlarge it, wrung it out, dipped it into acrylic paint and sponged on the very large rain drops. I did a quick outlining each one with a blue pen and then a black pen to just emphasis them a bit more.

Then I die-cut an oval shape for the umbrella, cut it in half and just free-cut the scalloped edge, hand cut the handle and attached it all to the page. I drew in the lines and some shadow and then wrote the words. I'm glad I had it done early because I didn't make it down to my studio at all this weekend - a rarity for me - but it was just such a busy weekend there was no time.

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