Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Peace Card

I had to go get my blood work done this morning. I'm glad its only once every two years. I hate not having breakfast as soon as I get up. That's the only part that really bothers me. I've been poked and prodded so many times its just another nothing to me. The left arm is always ready for them - I don't even have to make a fist to get a vein to pop up. One of my daughters on the other hand has deep veins. She went to donate blood one time and they got the needle in and started the pump and the needle actually flew out of her arm and hit the nurse in the back side while she was attending the next person - luckily it hit flat and didn't poke her. They encouraged her to contributing to the Red Cross in other capacities - nice way of saying "Don't come back".

So, by the time I got home it was too late for Aqua Fit so I'm having the morning off. Here's today's card.

I thought I would explain how I normally make cards. I was sorting (OK digging) thru my stash and came across a piece of paper big enough for a background. It was one of those ones that come pre-embossed that I ordered from Paper Wishes. I sponged some distress ink over it to colour the background. In my folders that I carefully separated into colours a few weeks ago, I found a piece of dark red, some white and black glossy cardstock. I die cut the fancy circle from the red, plain scallop circle in white and a smaller circle in the black. I stamped and embossed a wreath in gold on the black. OK, what to do next. Went searching again and found the fancy gold trim that I have had for years and just recently found in the bottom drawer of my sewing cabinet. Perfect! I just lay elements on the background as I make each one. Nothing is glued down until I'm totally satisfied with it.

 OK, next, mmmhhh needs something at the bottom and needs some black, cut another piece of left over black glossy cardstock and mounted it on a strip of the same red. How did I decide not to have it go from edge to edge?..easy - I use up pieces left over from other projects and this is how long they were! I ran a piece of thick white cardstock thru my Xyron machine and then die cut the word Peace with alphabet dies from ProvoCraft....so much easier to stick them down when I remember to run it thru the Xyron first. Its just a small 2-1/2" Xyron, nothing fancy but I sure use it a lot. So, once everything was glued in place I just added the small gold bow and called it done.

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