Thursday, December 22, 2011

How to Deep Fry a Turkey Layout

Yet another rainy day! Man, if this rain had been snow it would be over my head!

 Hubby and I got groceries on Monday swearing that we were not going into any stores until after Christmas. Trouble is his sister is not well and called to ask if we would go get her groceries and buy one last gift for her....aaaahhhh. How do you say no! So, off we went yesterday, bad day and all, to get a video game at one store and then the groceries. Oh boy, what a mad house. I turned to Joe and said "If its this busy on a Wed. afternoon, can you imagine what it will be like Thurs, Friday and Saturday?" We are staying put!

I've been having printer problems and yesterday I finally got a hold of someone at Canon. After trying all his usual tricks to get the "Paper Jam" alarm to turn off when there was no paper jam to clear, he said the printer was done! The sensors have quit working. Either the paper that was jammed damaged them or they quit that caused the paper to jam. Either way, its done. So, because we were going out yesterday anyway, we had to buy a new printer. Didn't need that expense just before Christmas but what can you do. I have to have a printer. I needed to print off some vintage Christmas photos for a mixed media project I'm working on - but I didn't tell hubby why I just HAD to have a printer yesterday. Hee hee hee. I'm bad, I know.

So now that you are caught up with my life, here is today's post. My son-in-law cooked a turkey in a deep fryer in the summer and really wanted to do so again for Christmas. The name of where they live has been blacked off, as requested by the girls - no last names or where they live.

 You probably can't read the strips unless you enlarge the picture. Basically the bottom one says "It takes longer to deep fry a turkey in December than July"! We thought that turkey would never get done but those who ate it said it was delicious and not greasy at all. I don't eat meat, and neither does one daughter, so we took their word for it.

Here's a close up of the pages.

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