Friday, December 23, 2011

Snow Angel in a Jar - Mixed Media Project

Yesterday I mentioned that I just had to have a new printer when ours died. Well, this is why I just had to have a new printer - so I could print off this vintage angel picture so I could make this snow angel in a jar. I saw one of these on another blog earlier this month and thought it looked like a cool project.

I'm not sure how they did theirs but I printed off the image on photo paper so it was strong enough to stand up on its own by bending over the bottom and gluing it down. I just cut it out, inked the edges, and added lots of stickles and then more glitter to the wings. I didn't have any artificial snow that it looked like they had in their jar, but I did have some white doll curly hair so I just cut it up into sections, pulled it to fluff it and dropped it in. The wire and pearls came from a roll I picked up from Fabricland on sale - had no idea what I was going to do with it at the time but it was one of those things that was just oozing with potential. It needed some colour so I dropped in three red tiny pompoms left over from when I made elves. The sign is popped off her with pop dots. The top has a piece of lace from an old lace dickey that I won from Avon, never wore but kept anyway and then the fancy lace was glued around the top, then a gold ribbon and some feathers were glued on. She is a snow angel so she needed snowflakes so I had some peel and stick ones and I stuck them onto the inside of the glass.

It was hard to photograph because of the reflection off the glass. Here's a shot from a different angle.

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