Saturday, February 25, 2012

Nature Photos into Cards

The other day when it snowed the snowflakes were so large it was incredible. This morning it is snowing again but now they are so small they are micro-flakes. Both kinds melted quickly which suits me just fine.

One of my greatest pleasures is photography. I don't have one of those expensive cameras that the "real" photographers carry around with the extra large lenses. In fact, I have the basic camera known as a "point-and-shoot", although it is the higher end point-and-shoot and does have some extra features. I liked to use some of the photos I take in the cards I make. This one came together pretty quickly.

I snapped this photo of the male Mallard duck at Rondeau Park and figured it would do well in a birthday card for a man - who are hard to make cards for sometimes. I was working on a scrapbook page using this two-sided designer paper and had some pieces left over. Rather then putting them in my stash, I decided to use them in a card. The tag at the bottom is usually used one piece folded in half and inserted in the top of side of a card as an accent but when I scored it half, it ripped. I'm small but obviously I have strength! So, I just cut it half and added it to the bottom with a peel-and-stick sentiment. The black dew drops were added as a final touch.
Some of the photos I take don't make it into cards, like this one of a Wild Turkey I shot at Point Pelee.
It turned out to be a great shot but I think I'll just enjoy it in the photo album.

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