Monday, March 19, 2012

AJ Monday - Taking That First Step

Wow, what a week and what a weekend! We had two of our grandsons here last week for March break, 4 and 7 years old, and they are busy, busy boys. Well behaved and polite, but busy! They love to play Sponge Bob games on my computer but I had to leave them a few times and even though I told them to call me if they have a problem I think the 7 year old tried to "fix it" before he sent the little guy to "get Grandma" and the computer is acting a little strange now. For one thing, we just bought a new monitor that is high definition and when I turn it on, a sign comes up that says "Analog". That does not seem right to me or my neighbour so the computer guru is coming over to take a look at it - again!

Yesterday we went for a long, hot walk thru a wildlife area - lots of marsh but few trees and it was very hot here in Ontario. It felt like a hot summer day. I snapped off a couple of photos of some birds but nothing to brag about.

But now its Monday once again which means its time for a Stampin' Bella Art Journal challenge. This week we were to use the inside of envelopes somewhere on the piece. Here's mine.
The leaves are the inside of envelopes some bills come in. Most of my bills come via the computer but hubby is old-fashioned and gets his snail mail which is OK as long as I get the envelopes before they get tossed in the recycle bin. Take a look at the inside of some envelopes - they have cool patterns. I coloured my leaves but up close you can still see the pattern but not so much in the picture. The picture of the baby robin is a photo I took when they hatched out in our car port. This one decided to try to leave the nest and the look on his face was perfect for the sentiment. Making these art journal and mixed media pieces are definitely out of my comfort zone, hence the page for this week. The tree branch started out as a piece of light brown torn cardstock that I finger pounced some brown paint on to give it dimension.

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