Monday, March 5, 2012

Art Journal Monday - More Then Brothers!

This week's Art Journal challenge from Stampin' Bella's was to use arrows in our design. Easy one. I had my page all done and on Saturday I decided to iron it flat so I could photograph it better. I do this every week with the pages because they curl from having so many layers of wet paint and ink on them. I just put them between two pages of white copy paper to protect the iron and press them. Joe heard me yell, AAAAAAAHHHHHH NO NO NO and called back "What happened now?". Well, for some reason the copy paper decided to stick to the photos and I mean stick. There was no removing it. So the whole thing went into the garbage. I guess next time I'll press them between freezer paper but maybe I'll experiment first on a scrap piece.

So, I started over. I had a background piece started so I used it but it does not have the depth of the other one as not as many layers were on it. And I certainly didn't have time to do a photo transfer so I had to use real photos - a little bright but it is what it is. Here's my page.

There is a bit of glare on the left side from the camera but it's not there on the page itself.  These are two of my grandsons, Jack and Seth, and they are indeed brothers and friends.

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