Monday, March 12, 2012

Art (non) Journal page - Spring Tulips

This week’s art journal page challenge at Stampin’ Bella was to make a page about spring. You have no idea how out of my comfort zone I am making these pages. I’m the type of person who wants every thing to match, to line up, and look like it’s suppose to look….not quite a perfectionist, but a close cousin. However, I’ve always loved the mixed media and art journal pages other people have done I decided it was time to branch out of my comfort zone and embrace a new challenge. I cannot afford the on-line lessons so I rely on Internet free videos on You Tube, various blogs, and trial and error – mostly error!

Here’s my attempt for this week

The background is a little dark, again. I can’t seem to make a light background…and obviously I like blue and green a lot. My husband and I love tulips so I had to include them in the piece. The first lot of tulips I made is covered up! I cut out some tulip petals from an old book and glue them in place and painted them. They were just ok but I decided they needed to be outlined in black so I grabbed my black pen – and used the wrong end! I outlined from left to right even though I’m suppose to be right handed (I’m actually ambidextrous and a lot of people think I’m left handed) and before I realized it I had ruined the whole piece. It was darn right ugly. So, out came the gesso and I covered it up and started over. This time I used a stencil and gesso to give them some dimension. I would have used molding paste but I didn’t have time to let it dry overnight. I had such a busy week I didn’t start this until Saturday – which not a good thing.

After the gesso dried, with a little help from a hair dryer, I painted the tulips with acrylic paint, dried them again, and added all the little white dots. Why, dunno. Just seemed like a good idea at the time. I messed around with the background a bit on Sunday, just moving colour around and shaded in around the left side of the tulips with brown ink. I didn’t do any writing on it even though it’s an art journal page – mine’s an art non-journal page I guess!! I know, I’m weird, but I’m used to me!

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