Thursday, March 8, 2012

"Grampa Down" Scrapbook Layout

More computer problems! Late last night the monitor died. Luckily I was just playing a game of Solitaire before going to bed so I didn't lose anything. We were gone all day yesterday (more to follow below on that one) and didn't get home until after 9:00. I debated whether I should even post anything and decided not too. Good decision or I would have lost it. My friendly neighbour, the computer guru, came over this morning with a temporary loaner while he looks over ours but he is pretty sure it’s done. (Big sigh)

But let me tell you about yesterday before I post my scrapbook layout. When I came home from Aqua Fit Joe surprised me by saying “It’s a beautiful day today. Let’s go to Port Huron for the day.” Sounded good to me so all I had to do was print off the 40% off coupons for Hobby Lobby. He unpacked and hung up my wet swim stuff (what a good guy) and we took off. He always asks me as we leave the house “Do you have our passports?”  “Yes!” OK, I know I’m a wee bit forgetful about some things but I have never forgotten the passports. On the outskirts of town he asks again, “You do have the passports, right?” I pull them out and show them to him so he won't be tempted to ask again.

We almost always take the ferry over to Michigan and the bridge back. As we got closer to the ferry I asked him “How many packages of veggie bacon do we have left”. “I don’t know”, he says, “I forgot to look.” “What?” Joe is the “freezer monitor” and is suppose to be on top of what we need when we get groceries or get the veggie food in Michigan that we cannot buy here. Then I asked him, “Did you bring the cooler and ice packs?” Dead silence. I look over and he has this funny look on his face and I burst out laughing. The guy who asked me twice if I had the passports forgot the cooler to bring frozen food back in? Oh boy! I guess we have to buy yet another foam cooler!

Well it was really, really warm yesterday – about 62° F (most unusual for March 6) but it was also really, really windy. We got on the ferry and because we were the first car in line, we were also right at the front of the ferry. Normally we enjoy getting this spot. Not so much this time. As we started out I turned to Joe and said, “You know, this is not nearly as rough a ride as I thought it would be.” He agreed. A few minutes later we were in the middle of the river. Whoa, hang on Nellie! What a ride it was then. We were heading west and the wind was coming from the south and we were rocking back and forth like crazy. At one point I turned to him and said “Do you think we should undo our seat belts and have our hands on the door handles in case we have to jump?” He doesn't always think I’m funny and this was one of those times. Those ferry captains have been doing this for years and we docked without any problem at all….but next time it’s that windy, we’ll take the bridge both ways!

Now, on to the layout. This is the last page featuring our trip to Amherstburg with Jack and Seth in August 2010. I did it in the same colours as the last post even though it is not really a two page layout. I knew they would be opposite each other in the album and I didn't want them to clash.

Fun memories of the boys on those cannons and Grampa got into the game too.  I used the left over polka dot paper from the first page on this page and the same red and black to tie it all in together.

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