Friday, April 13, 2012

CPS 260 Birthday Cards

I haven't been down in my studio as much as normal this week but I made up for it tonight. What with going to physio 3 mornings a week and then visiting the sister-in-law in the hospital in the afternoon and/or evenings, not much of the day is left for creative play.

Tonight I went down after supper and created five new cards. Whew. It felt good to "play" for awhile and forget about all the drama in life.

CPS (Card Positioning System) blog posted a really nice sketch this week. I liked it so much I made two cards using it. I used the same paper, but switched it around to make them a little different. The paper and stamps are from Hot off the Press that I bought from Paper Wishes. I like buying from Paper Wishes for things I can't buy locally because they charge the same shipping to Canada as they do for the U.S.A. which is a rarity I've found.

Here's the first one - Eat Cake

Pretty straightforward. The Eat Cake looks like a tag but it actually glued down. I stamped the sentiments and then coloured in some of the letters with yellow to pick up the yellow in the paper.

Here's the next one - The More Candles, the bigger the Wish

Basically the same thing but I cut the bottom paper the other way. I can't seem to do the same thing over and over! I like each card to be a little different.

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Patrice said...

Great take on the sketch! I'd love for you to link up with 52 Card Pickup this week...

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