Saturday, May 26, 2012

April and May Calendar Paintings

It just dawned on me yesterday that I did not get around to posting the painting I did for our wooden calendar for April, and May is getting close to being done. So, today I'm posting both. These were both painted many, many years ago when I first started to tole paint. These are NOT fine art pieces, strictly fun tole paintings.

Here is April on the entire calendar.
My daughter's father-in-law made the calendar for us. Her mother-in-law is also a tole painter but she just painted one scene on the top of hers. I wanted to be able to change the picture so I went to the lumber yard and found some very thin wood, got it cut out to the right size at the senior centre and painted one for each season.  This one is obviously for which ever month Easter falls into.

Here is a close-up.

And here is the one I did for May.

Hubby doesn't get this one. He wanted tulips, just tulips. I found this pattern in a tole painting magazine and decided to do it instead. He doesn't like the folk-art tulips. I'm getting tired of all of these anyways so I may get some more wood and re-do them all...including tulips.

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