Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Art Journal Monday - on a Tuesday!

All day yesterday I thought it was Sunday! The weather was hot and humid so we just went to a greenhouse to pick up some more flowers and then drove out to Erieau for a walk out the pier and along a trail. A nice quiet afternoon for a change. When we got home and had a quick supper, I headed down to the lower studio (aka the basement) to work on an Art Journal piece that was due  (actually it was due the day before which was Sunday). So, I finished my piece, emailed it off to Emily at Stampin' Bella and flopped down to watch America's Got Talent and Oprah interviewing Carrie Underwood....and forgot to post it to the blog! Part way thru the evening it dawned on me that if I was watching AGT, then it was Monday, not Sunday. Ooops. Oh well, Stampin' Bella had not updated her blog so I figured I was safe.

This morning the weather again shifted from hot and humid to cool and windy - cold wind too. So, because of my two rare brain disorders, it means I'm grounded today. Cold wind is one of the of the worst things to trigger painful spasms. The tennis elbow is so much better I decided to try sewing again...first time in over two months. I'm trying to finish up some quilts that just need binding on and so far, so good. It has not caused the elbow to ache again so I'm very relieved.

Back to the Art Journal piece! I'm rambling today, sorry.

This week's challenge was to use what ever was sitting on your desk. OK, here's what I had, and what I did.
I had some ink so I wet the paper and sprayed and moved it around. At the thrift store I found some plastic stencils and one had rain drops so I used that. Some magazine keeps sending me their flyers even though I don't buy from them so I throw them into a basket under the desk (close enough to meet the challenge rules) and found a picture of a lady looking down. I cut off her bright shirt and cut out another one from the inside of a security envelope and brushed some light orange and red distress ink over it. I wanted her to look like she was hiding so I pulled out some green scrapbook paper and cut tall thick leaves to go around her. then I just added my thought for the day. After it was all dry I pounced on some white paint that was tinted with the green ink just to add some dimension. Then I put some yellow ink on a lid from yogurt (I use the lids all the time to mix paint and ink on) and dipped the large end of an empty thread cone on it and then stamped it here and there. You can just barely see it in the photo. Then I used the small end of the cone to add a yellow circle in the centre of the larger ones.
And I do hope none of my readers hide from what ever their "rainy days" are. Get out there and enjoy life!!

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