Monday, June 4, 2012

The Balance Act - Art Journal Monday

What a wet and soggy weekend that was!...but we needed the rain. The cleaned up and repaired bicycles didn't see a wheel turn. Saturday was baking day for me instead of riding bikes. I'm not much of sweet eater but I have a recipe for healthy cookies that I like to make once in awhile...the main ingredient is white beans and, believe it or not, they are delicious. But hubby on the other hand loves his sweets so I made him chocolate chip cookies, chocolate banana brownies (I don't even like chocolate much) and then I made two lemon loaves. Whew! Done for awhile.

Yesterday we headed up to Sarnia for veggie dogs and french fries to eat by the river under the Blue Water Bridge. It's the about the only place I eat french fries - fresh cut and fried just right! Hubby loves lake ships, lighthouses and trains and yesterday I was able to get a nice shot of the lighthouse across the river in Port Huron with a sail boat going past and a lake ship came by as well and got that picture, and we saw two more going home so he pulled over so I could get those for him. Pictures of ships don't do a thing for me but he likes them. Here's the lighthouse picture.

So, that was my weekend. Other then working on a couple of scrapbook pages, I didn't get much art therapy in. I did finish the art journal challenge for this week though. It was a challenge to use shapes on our page, and then colour them in. Here's mine...

Isn't that the truth?? Trying to juggle everything you want to do and keep everyone happy (impossible) is not easy. Making the blocks is easier then it looks. Just make a 60 degree angle triangle, flip it over and trace again - you now have a diamond shape with a 60 degree angle.  Now, trace and flip the diamond shape three times and you have a cube. Then colour each section different colours with one being dark, one medium, one light..that makes it look like child's building block. I made a quilt using this method and a scrapbook page.

Here is a quilt I made for my grandson using this same method. Instead of three colours I fussy cut animals for one side of the blocks.

And here is the scrapbook page I made.

I actually did even more work for this one and cut 1/4" off a template to use for the inside of the block to make it look even more like building blocks. This was a good way to use up those small pictures of people - before digital!

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