Saturday, June 2, 2012

Cookie Makers - Scrapbook layout

Another cold day here and 80% chance of rain. We just had our bicycles cleaned and new chains, etc put on and we are anxious to get them out on the trails...but this is on hold for now. Last week I complained to hubby that it was an effort to petal and he thought I was just out of shape - slap! But it turns out my chain was so stretched it was not working right. My bike kept falling over too and of course he thought it was because I was not standing it correctly - hello, I'm almost 65 years old, I know how to put a bike so it doesn't fall over when I walk away!!! Gee, big surprise, I needed a new kickstand! So, if the rain holds off, we are off, in not I guess I'll head to the lower studio for some art therapy.

I thought I'd post another scrapbook layout today..another two-page layout.

These are two of my grandsons helping me make cookies. Once again, lots of pictures used. Jack's shirt was red and with him being along the left side of the page, I needed something on the right side to balance it so I cut a strip of distressed red paper. That helped immensely to balance the page so it didn't look lopsided. Once again I ran a black pen along the edges of the photos after cutting them down to size and mounted the two larger ones with white paper to hi-lite them. The journaling was printed out and then trimmed and inked in red ink. I had some baking 3-d embellishments that I bought from a few different sources and added them here and there to keep the eye moving throughout the page.

Here's a close-up of the two pages.

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