Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Yellow Rose Sympathy Card

Wow what a scorcher again today. It's already over 90F at its just past 10:00 a.m. All outside activities for us are canceled. Last night we went for another hour walk about 7:00 and even though it was still hot with the sun going down it was a much more enjoyable walk. I think we may try that again tonight.

Yesterday was our 24th wedding anniversary. We're not real big on presents and hoopla over our birthdays or anniversary but on the weekend Joe said he was thinking of taking me to OJ and Molly's for lunch for our anniversary. OJ and Molly's have the best clam chowder ever! But, yesterday morning on our walk I looked at him and said "Its almost 90F are you sure you want soup for lunch"? He was relieved I mentioned it and we decided to take a rain check for OJ and Molly's. I spent the rest of the day quilting (and this may be repeated today) while Joe sat on the porch with an elderly gentleman that stopped by for a visit.

I thought today I would post the last card using a photo of the yellow rose.
One photo, used three different ways. I just can't seem to do duplicates.

The different background paper makes each card look so different. This time I picked a little darker yellow ribbon and tied the bow once again with my home-made bow maker. The background paper had little butterflies on it so I used a Tombow marker which matched the ribbon perfectly to colour them in. Then I added the three small dewdrops.

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