Tuesday, July 10, 2012

"He walks with me".... an Art Journal page

The humidity has broken and the air is fresh and clean; windows are open; the a/c is off; and the world is awash is colour! Love summer! We went to the fruit stand today and bought fresh local strawberries, black cherries (my favorite),raspberries, green beans, onions, asparagus, tomatoes and cantaloupe. Yes indeed. I love summer.

Yesterday I said I would post the companion page to the scrapbook layout but I forgot about art journal Tuesday; so, I'll post the other scrapbook page tomorrow. Actually I wasn't sure I was going to finish my Art Journal page. I kept changing it but I finally got it done.

Whenever I'm having a bad day the song "And He walks with me" seems to pop into my head. It's like God is reminding me that I'm not going thru this journey alone. So, I decided to do a art journal page about how I was feeling. The page was first covered with gesso and then spritzed with various inks. A Crafter's Workshop stencil was used in the top right corner that I first put a layer of dark yellow paint thru, and then once dried I sponged on lighter yellow paint. It looked like a sun so I dragged a sponge dipped in light yellow down from the stenciled image to look like rays from the sun.

 At first I put down a paper napkin of ivy leaves in the bottom left corner but it was too much, way too much! So, I covered it with gesso and then just painted in some stems and pounced on some red and yellow to mimic flowers in the distance. Then I painted the fence because when I laid the lady down without it, she looked like she was floating. It needed ground too so I sponged on some brown and green. The lady was cut from an old magazine. The challenge this week was to use our own hand writing on the page. I decided to write on white cardstock, cut it out, and then glue it down instead of writing right on the page. I rather liked the way it turned out. I may do a little more to it later, but maybe not.

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