Monday, July 16, 2012

I'm baaaacccckkkkk - "Sweet Boy" layout

Well, I do believe I have temporarily solved my over-the-limit problem so I can keep posting on this blog. It turns out that when you open a Blogger account you automatically open a Picasa Web Album and it's that album that causes the problem. I had over 1,000 pictures in an album I didn't know existed...some of them were in there up to 5 times!!! So, I was relentless and decided to delete a lot of them - the birds and nature ones actually. I decided that they were likely the least looked at posts so I've eliminated them - and the posts on this blog. So from now on I will stick to posting my cards, scrapbook layouts and art work. Whew! Glad I just didn't sign up to pay them!!!

So, now I can finally post the companion page to the page I posted last week.
Just a very simple layout featuring my adorable grandson Jack! Here is a picture of the two pages side by side.

Two separate pages, each focusing on separate grandsons, but still look good together in the album.

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