Friday, October 5, 2012

One Cool Kid

We have two more hummingbirds. Not sure if they are two of ones that we had before or two different ones. We didn't see any for about three days but I told Joe to leave the feeders up in case some other hummingbirds are passing thru and stop for a drink. Then I noticed that the sugar water was going down. Sure enough, hummingbirds again. So far these have all been females as none have had any red on their throats but still beautiful.

Today we had to get groceries. We've been putting it off all week and there was no more putting it off. This weekend is the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend and we knew it would be busy on the Friday but still we didn't go earlier in the week. We take our own bags for groceries and Joe just washed them all the other day and it reminded me of the first time he washed them. By the way, we've been washing them even before Dr. Oz mentioned on his show how much bacteria grows on unwashed grocery bags.

Anyway, I mentioned to Joe one day after putting groceries away that we really should wash the bags to which he actually agreed with. So a few days later I came home from quilting at the church and Joe said he'd been busy doing laundry, including all the grocery bags. Cool. The next time we got groceries I pulled out my freshly laundered coupon booklet only to find it empty. I figured he must have put the coupons in the cupboard and forgot to tell me. We always get groceries together but when we get to the cash register, he disappears and wanders down to the magazines or wanders around somewhere else in the store. Time to pay and he disappears!! Anyway, I forgot to ask him about them when he returned to the check out counter but when we got home I asked him where the put the coupons that were in the booklet. At first I got that blank stare. He blinked a couple of times and then said, "I, uh, never thought to take them out. I forgot you had that. I just dumped all the bags in the washing machine at once! You know, now that you mention it I wondered what all that weird stuff was that was floating on top of the water. It much have been your coupons!"
Too funny. This time I made sure to take the coupons out before he took them down to wash.

Today I'm posting the companion scrapbook page to the one I posted yesterday.

This is Jack and he is indeed, one cool kid! The letters, by the way, came white with the black lines on them. A few pounces of alcohol inks made them match the page perfectly.

Here's the two pages together.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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